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Protective Bumpers
Protective Bumpers Cushion your investment... with the protective power of 3M Bumpon Protective Products.
Bonding Bonding tapes have a pressure sensitive adhesive on two sides to bond mating surfaces.
Traction Enhancing Systems
Traction Enhancing Systems Pressure sensitive on one side, this slip resistant material provides traction enhancement even in the most extreme environments.
Label Materials
Label Materials 3M Pressure Sensitive Label Materials designed to survive challenging environments and manufacturing processes.
Double Coated Foam Tapes
Double Coated Foam Tapes 3M™ Double Coated Foam Tapes offer a choice of different foam carriers, urethane, vinyl, elastomeric, polyethylene, acrylic or neoprene, with either an acrylic or rubber adhesive system.
Electrical Shielding/Conducting
Electrical Shielding/Conducting 3M offers a broad range of specialized solutions for today's demanding electronics assembly solutions.
Protecting 3M Protective tapes protect against scratches during assembly and/or transport