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Product/Color Adhesive Type Liner Material and Thickness mils (mm) Total Thickness Backing/ Adhesive/ Liner mils (mm) Product Formats Adhesion Level Comments
Gerber Compatible (Slot Fed) IBM Compatible (Tractor Fed) Friction Fed 1 Hand-Cut and/or Die-Cut Low Medium High
Double Liner
519Y/Tan2 Rubber Polyester 1.5 Polypropylene 2.0 48           Yellow, translucent polyester inner liner. White, polypropylene outer liner.
519YP/Tan2 Rubber Polyester 1.5 Polyester 4.0 50           Yellow, translucent polyester inner liner. Extra thick, translucent polyester outer liner. Highest adhesion level for double linered products. Wide format available.
523F/Tan Rubber Polyester 2.0 Polyester 4.0 50           Translucent polyester inner liner. Extra thick, translucent polyester, 1-1/4" extended edge liner.

Single Liner
507/Green Rubber Polyethylene 2.0 43           Green, high release liner. Butter "cut". Ideal for letter press operations.
510/Green Rubber Polyester 4.0 48         Translucent, easy liner release. Use on wood and painted surfaces.
520/Tan Gray Rubber Polyethylene 2.0 42         Translucent, high liner release. Best blast resistance for single liner products.
520ETL/Tan2 Gray Rubber Polyester 4.0 44           Extra thick, translucent liner.
1532/Green Rubber Polyester 4.0 37           Extra thick, translucent, high liner release. Highest adhesion for single liner products. Used for small design detail. Conformable for use on irregular surfaces.
Temperature Range on all tapes is 50 to 120°F, except 500 and 528, where range is -20 to 150°F (-29 to 66°C ).
Product/Color Tape Structure (Backing/ Adhesive) (Liner) Backing Thickness mils (mm) Total thickness mils (mm) Adhesion to Steel oz./in. (N/100mm) Adhesion to glass oz./in. (N/100mm) Adhesion to Granite oz./in. (N/100mm) Tensile Strength lbs./in. (N/100mm) Elongation at Break % Comments
ASTM Test Method:   D-3652 D-3652 D-3330 D-3759 D-3759    
Impact Stripping Tapes
500/Green Rubber/Acrylic (Paper) 32 (0.8) 33 (0.8) 25 (27) N/A N/A 25 (27) 85 Acrylic adhesive, ideal for use during plastic media blasting.
528/Green Rubber/Acrylic (Paper) 80 (2) 85 (2.2) 38 (41) 21 N/A 18 (313) 145 85 mil 500 backing.
Temperature Range on all tapes is 50...120°F, except for 500 and 528, where range is -20 to 150°F (-29 to 66°C ).
Product Coating Base Color Consistency Available Size Comments 3
2 Rubber Light Beige Syrupy Quarts, Gallons Designed for smooth and polished surfaces. More aggressive than #3.
3 Rubber Light Beige 5x more viscous than Filler #2 Gallon Typically used on axed or frosted surfaces
1 Rubber is trimmed back to expose 1-1/4" of polyester liner for use with friction feed plotters.
2 May be used with friction feed plotters.
3 3M™ Double Coated Tapes 463 and 465 can be used in place of fillers. Excellent for use with pavers, bricks and on-site blasting.
Note: This technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.