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What is this?

We roll your materials quickly and efficiently with the table top re-winder. This conversion can be used in conjunction with the others, i.e.: it is utilized for repackaging applications where longer length rolls are re-rolled to shorter lengths on 1" or 3" core diameters.

Technical Capabilities

For applications which require zero defects, we can rewind and inspect 100% of every part we manufacture.


Maximum width of log rolls:48"
Maximum weight of log rolls:500 pounds
Maximum O.D. of log rolls:18"
Maximum O.D. of rewind rolls:16"
Core size:1", 3", or 6"
Maximum sheeting thickness:1"
Laminating:Up to 3 webs
Maximum length of sheets:100"
Cut to length tolerances:±1/16"

Rewinding Samples