Roll Slitting

What is Roll Slitting?

The term “roll slitting” refers to a shearing operation in which a machine, known as a slitter, cuts down a roll of raw material to make them smaller and narrower. It begins by taking a large roll of raw material, known as a master roll, and running it through the slitter. Insider the slitter are blades that cut away material from the sides of the master roll. When the master roll comes out of the slitter, it will have both a smaller and narrower shape.

Why use Roll Slitting?

Roll slitting offers many benefits. For starters, it supports a wide variety of materials such as plastic, paper, adhesive tape, even metal alloys can be reshaped using roll slitting. For metals and alloys, blades typically aren’t used with roll slitting. Instead, roll slitting is performed on metals and alloys using an alternative cutting method that involves compressing the master roll between two cylinders. Our roll slitting process is almost always aided by machines then checked over by one of our specialists, ensuring you get the speed and efficiency of a machine and the quality of hand-work.

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