Adhesive Bonding

The art of bonding similar and dissimilar substrates

With our industry-leading capabilities, we can deliver the finished products you need based on the materials you choose – adhesive film, adhesive tape, glues, silicones, epoxies, and more.

Additionally, our solutions streamline the assembly of custom products. The right bonding tape (3M VHB and acrylic foam tapes) can even replace rivets, welding, and fasteners by evenly distributing the pressure throughout the tape rather than small points along the substrate.

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Our Custom Adhesive Solutions Include:

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive materials
  • UV-cure adhesives / materials
  • Electrical, thermal or electromagnetic materials
  • Water and moisture resistant adhesive materilas
  • High tensile strength materials
  • High bonding strength materials
  • Tear resistance materials
  • Adhesive backed Foils and Foams
  • Solvent resistant materials

What is Adhesive Bonding?

Adhesive bonding refers to the process of bonding two materials through the use of adhesives. We are proud to offer extensive adhesive bonding solutions. This bond may be temporary or permanent depending upon the application. The continuing evolution of new materials requires the development of a new generation of adhesives – something we strive to do for all of our customers. Ease of use and rapid curing provides an effective assembly method for today’s automated manufacturing processes.

Typical materials manufacturers use:

    • Adhesive films
    • Adhesive liner
    • Adhesive tape
    • Glue
    • Silicone
    • Epoxies

and More


Saunders is a 3M Preferred Converter

We are a proud converter partner for 3M. That means you can rest assured that Saunders has the materials expertise and engineering chops to handle any challenge in the world of foams, tapes and more.

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