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Services & Technical Capabilites

How does pricing work?

  • Pricing depends on many variables, such as material, quantity, dimensions, or conversion service.
  • Generally, as quantity increases, pricing decreases ($/part). Volume discounts are provided in your quote.
Die Cutting & Kiss Cutting
Die Cutting & Kiss Cutting of materials into specific shapes.
Simplify your application process. Materials are ready to apply in individual pieces or die cut on a roll.
Cut to Length
Cut to Length yields material of a specific size.
Consistent part sizes at an economical price. Cutting rolls of material at right angles for ease of application.
Slitting cuts plastic film, tube, or sheeting to various widths.
No longer are you limited to standard roll widths. Slit rollstock to your specific width requirements with precise tolerances.
Sheeting & Laminating
Sheeting & Laminating
Combine two or more materials to create your own unique laminated product.
Flexographic Printing
Flexographic Printing provides rollers or cylinders with a flexible rubber-like surface that prints with the raised area.
Display your brand, logo or specific message on a variety of materials with this custom printing method.
Rewinding product from the reel to a core, producing rolls of desired width, diameter and tension.
Eliminate waste by creating your own custom length rolls.
Kit Assembly
Kit Assembly — diagnose and pre-assemble, or consolidate, parts under one part number as a kit.
Combine two or more parts into a kit to provide unique customer solutions.