At Saunders, we provide custom-cut aerospace tape solutions for composite bonding, interior refinishing, masking, surface protection, moisture barrier, painting and stripping, and many more applications. We understand the certifications and test reports needed to complete your documentation requirements. Partner with Saunders on all project types, from untested concepts and short runs to full-on manufacturing of proven solutions.

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Aerospace Solutions

Masking and Painting

At Saunders, we understand that small mistakes in stripping and painting can be very costly, costing companies time, money and resources. So Aerospace manufacturers and refurbishes use trusted masking products such as 3M masking that are custom designed and custom cut for each operation. This helps to eliminate masking errors.

Interior Refurbishing

Saunders recommends that for interior refurbishing that companies use 3M double coated tapes, enclosable fasteners, and surface protection films to help help build and protect the luxurious cabins and cockpits that your customers demand. Saunders specializes in cutting these tapes to any size to fit any number of applications.

Composite Bonding

For composite bonding within aerospace, Saunders recommends that you consider a double coated, film, or TeflonĀ®(PTFE) tape to provide a clean easy finish. Saunders specializes in cutting these items to fit any size of application.

Specialty Tapes

Saunders offers custom sized silicone rubber, glass cloth, and foil tapes to harness wires and provide high heat protection throughout the aircraft.