Automotive Manufacturing

We specialize in providing custom-cut appliance manufacturing tape solutions for assembly, installing, gasketing, moisture barrier, painting and stripping, appliance transportation, and many more applications. We understand the certifications and test reports needed to complete your assembly and delivery requirements. Partner with Saunders on all appliance assembly types, from untested concepts and short runs to full-on manufacturing of proven solutions.

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Automotive Manufacturing Solutions


Custom cut automotive interior tape solutions are ideal for wire bundling, hole covering, labeling, and more. These custom cut tapes from Saunders can help so that your manufacturing process does not slow down due to measuring and cutting these tapes to size. Our quick turnaround and custom packaging make Saunders a great solution for creating auto interiors.

Masking and Paint Finishing

Saunders has a custom cut masking automotive solutions that are designed to conforms around tight corners to provide crisp, flawless paint lines. By having a customized solution, you can spend less time cutting and measuring and more time providing an exceptional paint finish.

Mounting and Assembly

Saunders specializes in custom cut mounting and assembly tape solutions for Interior and exterior mounting of logos emblems, dashboards, headliners, control panels, trims, and more. We recommend that our customers use 3M’s double-sided tapes for their applications as they tend to hold up better under pressure and heat.


Saunders specializes in custom cut protection films for the internal and external parts of your products during transportation. These custom cut films are easy to apply, cut to your specifications and can save time and money when preparing your products for transportation.