Sheeting refers to making cutting adhesives and other flexible materials to any conceivable square or rectangular shape commonly with no tooling expense. This allows us to give our customers the option of custom dimensions with their materials without any of the hassle. Our facilities allow us to make precise and clean cut squares and rectangles, without causing any major delays.

Sheeting services increase manufacturing efficiency

Our sheeting converting services are perfect for applications where rolls or other material formats would slow down your manufacturing processes. We can deliver multiple parts on the same sheet, effectively creating a kit for easy assembly. We can also laminate liners onto adhesive materials so they can be sheeted. With every run, we make sure to arrange parts to assist in limiting material waste as much as possible, saving you money. Maximum dimensions for sheeted products are 16” by 24”.

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Saunders is a 3M Preferred Converter

We are a proud converter partner for 3M. That means you can rest assured that Saunders has the materials expertise and engineering chops to handle any challenge in the world of foams, tapes and more.

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