Appliance Manufacturing

Appliance Sealing and Adhesive Tape Solutions

We have the experience and know-how to help appliance manufacturers create machines that perform better and last longer. We work with both commercial and residential appliances and can develop custom solutions with tight tolerances for your unique applications. Our appliance sealing and adhesive tape solutions help increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and protect appliances during transport. From labels and custom gaskets to LED lights and thermal management solutions, we have the converting capabilities to enhance your appliance manufacturing operations.

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Manufacturing Solutions and Applications

Appliance Attachments

Maximized adhesive coverage with custom shapes and stronger bonds.


Saunders custom cut double and single sided adhesive tapes can aid in the assembly of appliances in a number of applications – whether you’re bonding panels, mounting functional interfaces or handles, or adhering nameplates, there’s a tape solution to make your quicker and easier.


Saunders specializes in creating solutions for foam processing for appliance assembly including cutting venting tapes for hole covering and tapes for holding and seaming. Our services include either a custom cut solution or a customized die cut solution.


Saunders custom cut gaskets and gasketing materials help insulate against electrical and thermal elements, protect components from dust and moisture, and provide sound damping around compressor and motor casings among numerous other applications.


Saunders custom cut films can help to make sure your product arrives intact. Our custom cut films help to protect against scratches, dents, and dings. By using Saunders custom cut protective films and strapping tape you can ensure your product arrives exactly how you intended.

Saunders is a 3M Preferred Converter

We are a proud converter partner for 3M. That means you can rest assured that Saunders has the materials expertise and engineering chops to handle any challenge in the world of foams, tapes and more.

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