Appliance Manufacturing and the Value of Converting Services

How Saunders can enhance products, control costs, and boost manufacturing efficiency

Appliance manufacturers face a number of challenges to meet the demands of today’s buyers. Appliances need to be quieter, more energy efficient, and more technologically advanced than ever before. Meanwhile, manufacturers have to overcome supply chain issues and find ways to make operations more efficient while cutting costs in order to stay competitive.

At Saunders, we help appliance OEMs and component manufacturers achieve their goals with custom solutions tailored to each application’s unique requirements. We’ve developed solutions for both commercial and residential appliances and have worked with some of the nation’s top brands. We can use our deep industry experience and comprehensive converting services to deliver effective solutions for things like bonding, thermal management, sealing and gasketing, labeling, and more.

We created this eBook to help appliance manufacturers understand all the ways that material converting services can enhance products, accelerate the design process, and boost manufacturing efficiency. Keep reading to find insights into converting processes, materials, and design considerations that appliance manufacturers can use to improve operations and achieve target outcomes. Within this eBook we include appliance manufacturing solutions for:

  • Bonding & Attachment
  • Thermal Management
  • Gasketing and Sealing
  • Custom Durable Labeling

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