3M New Custom Cut LSE VHB Tape


In the tape world, you hear it time and time again: VHB stands for very high bond. What’s so interesting about this tradition is it’s more folklore than fact. At 3M’s comprehensive trainings, they often point this out. VHB does not stand for anything specific.

But, the fact that the rest of the tape world easily understands it to mean “very high bond” says a lot about this tape’s performance. 3M’s VHB™ Tape is a double-sided foam tape that achieves – wait for it – an incredibly very high bond.

It’s so strong that it’s been used in emergency vehicles like ambulances since 1980. Also, it’s been holding parts to jet airplane wings since 1984.

Let that sink in. The next time you’re on a flight, take a look out the window. Parts of that wing are held there by tape. That’s not even a scary notion either because VHB™ is that good.

What Does the LSE in 3M LSE VHB Mean?

This one actually does have a meaning. It stands for low surface energy and it simply means a material that is hard to stick tape to.

A few examples include the following:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Thermoplastic Olefins

3M’s new VHB™ Tape LSE Series bonds to a number of hard-to-bond surfaces, bonding these surfaces with ease and without the need of a primer.  Primers are often essential and make it easy to stick to hard-to-stick surfaces. But the LSE VHB Series sticks and stays stuck without any primers.

The uniqueness of this tape material also helps it stick well on more than just LSE surfaces, such as high surface energy (HSE)(easy-to-stick to) materials.  Here’s a rundown of some compatible materials as outlined by the manufacturer:

  • Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, Painted Surfaces 
  • Polycarbonate, high-impact polystyrenes, acrylic, nylon, ABS plastic
  • Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Composites

We Invite You to Rethink What is Possible with Your Designs

Since its invention, 3M VHB™ Tape has been the sought-after tape for a variety of markets for years. Now, you can get the results of a VHB™ Tape and be able to innovate with a wider range of material substrates.

The VHB tape series includes double-sided acrylic foam tape that is resistant to the expansion of UV lights, solvents, and hot and cold. It is also available in three different thicknesses. These traits give you the ability to use the LSE Series inside, outside, and in challenging environments. This tape is designed to work so well on LSE surfaces that you can ditch the primers and surface preparation altogether. This ends up making your production more efficient and saves you time and material costs.

TAKE, FOR EXAMPLE, The Industrial Manufacturing Market

VHB tape has been widely used for years in many industries including the trailer manufacturing world. Now using the LSE VHB Tape Series, you can incorporate a more sleek, curved, lighter-weight into your designs. This tape bonds fast and requires minimal finishing, unlike other mechanical fastening methods. You can take this design easily from concept to finished product.

Let us cut this material to your specifications and show you how versatile and flexible this tape really is. Call 888-932-8836 or request a Quote to Get Started Today